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Mohini is my spiritual name, given to me by Sri Kaleshwar. I use this name out of respect, and because of what it means and why he gave it to me. He said that names are important, and that you awaken to the energy carried by your name.  In the ancient Vedic tradition, Mohini was an aspect of the God Vishnu, the Operator of creation who intervened to help save the world from the demons and restore the balance of power. Like all of the lightworkers on the planet today helping humanity come out of the darkness, it is my life’s work, or dharma, as well.

From a young age I wanted to understand the meaning of life and death and help people who are suffering.  While my work in the world led me to traditional Western healing modalities, my spiritual journey led me to start meditating at age 12 and meet Sri Kaleshwar in March, 1998. My analytical mind was moved by his huge love and brilliant divine light. I decided to live at His ashram in India for 4 years and learn divine healing tools and enlightenment techniques that came from very ancient palm leaf books. I became the team leader of the Coconut Group, a spiritual group formed by Sri Kaleshwar, that specifically trained to master highly sacred yogas (cosmic channels). Sri Kaleshwar said that coconuts are the 6th element, which is God consciousness.  Individually and as a group we experienced many supernatural events similar to the miracles witnessed in Jesus’ lifetime, changing our lives forever.

For over a decade, I have provided healings, given seminars and taught workshops in India, Europe, the US and Canada. It is now my utmost joy to share this sacred wisdom here on the East coast.

My dharma and the goal of Sai Shakti

Spiritual Center is to:

Bring back to the human consciousness the awareness of the Divine Mother’s Love.

Help alleviate any and all suffering.

Empower people to embrace their inner connection with God to become spiritual masters themselves.

And enhance the quality of people’s life to bring about inner transformation and true happiness to every person’s heart.